About Scooteroo

Scooteroo is the leading premium centre of e-rideables in Western Australia and across the country. Their shops include a wide range of best-selling electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric skateboards, making electric rides accessible to riders and commuters in WA.

Founded and managed by Preecha Phuangbanyen in 2021, Scooteroo opened its first showroom in Victoria Park, WA. Within two years, the shop expanded to Osborne Park and Midland, WA, becoming the state's largest and most trusted electric scooter retailer.

Today, the Scooteroo team continues to provide a variety of e-scooters and e-rideables, promote e-rideables to the public, and deliver excellent customer service to riders across Australia.

Our Story

Scooteroo’s story began with a Segway Ninebot T15 Preecha bought in March 2021 for him and his kids.

It was love at first ride for Preecha as the e-scooter gave him fun, freedom, and convenience. He then shared his new-found love for e-scooters with two mates and later formed a three-rider e-scooter gang.

However, the e-scooter’s small performance and battery range no longer satisfied their passion, so they looked for an upgrade. Unfortunately, the lack of choices and poor customer service from a local store made it difficult to look for e-scooters.

Eventually, they found and bought a few Segway Ninebot G30 MAX and Kaabo Mantis. Within a week, these three mates ended up with a total of nine e-scooters in their possession!

To help a friend earn extra income, Preecha suggested renting out their e-scooters. Because of this idea, the brand name “Scooteroo” was formed. A week later, they tested their business idea with a weekend of free e-scooter rides at Optus Stadium in Perth. Nearly 100 people attended the event.

The positive feedback from the Perth community inspired Preecha to take Scooteroo one step further by becoming WA’s best e-scooter retailer.

Having nine EMOVE Cruisers as their first lot of e-scooters, Preecha sold the units from his Thai restaurant.

Eventually, Scooteroo slowly grew from having no physical store to launching its first showroom at Victoria Park in July 2021.

After six months, they then established their second shop at Osborne Park, becoming the most trusted e-scooter retailer in WA, providing a wide range of models.

And after a year, they opened their third showroom in Midland, bringing e-rideables closer to commuters in WA and across the country.

But Scooteroo doesn’t stop here.

  • Our Mission

    To become the number one personal electric scooter retailer in Australia by making e-rideables accessible across the country, delivering quality service, making e-rideables family-friendly, and putting a smile on each customer’s face

  • Our Vision

    To accelerate the use of e-rideables in Australia, increase the public’s awareness and knowledge on e-rideables, and have cities switch to a low-cost and eco-friendly transport