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Convenient Storage
If you want your electric scooter to neatly store away when you’re not using it, the Dualtron Mini electric scooter is a great choice.

As the name suggests, this scooter is small and compact, and adding to this is the folding mechanism that brings the handlebars downwards to the deck of the scooter, allowing for convenient storage when you’ve finished your ride.

Go Further
This version of the Dualtron Mini has an extra boost in battery power. While this doesn’t do much in terms of max speed, the added strength allows you to travel much further, raising the total distance from a full charge to 52km.

Durable Design
The durable design and construction of the Dualtron Mini means you will have this scooter for a long time. The robust aluminium construction can take up 100kg of weight, meaning these scooters are not just for kids. Adults can fully enjoy the power and capabilities that this scooter has to offer.

Stand to Attention
Connected to the scooter’s deck, the pull-out stand is great if you coast up to a shop and are just running inside to grab a drink. Simply leave your scooter on the stand, and it’ll be ready for you when you return.