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Elektro FAST Charger 60v 5A

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Fast charger for Elektro 10 Pro Plus, or any 60v scooter with a battery capacity over 13ah, this charger on it's own will charge your 10 pro's 23.5ah battery in 4 hours 30 minutes safely. 

The 10 Pro's max amout of charging amps is 9 amps safely so one of these bad boys and a stock charger and you are good to go every 3 hours- kev

I have fast charged my 10 pro batterys continiously every charge and have done over 15,000km on my 10 pro, and 12,000km on my 10 Pro + with an average range of 25km per charge per battery. - kev

These chargers have a dimension of 26cm x 14cm x 5cm, quite a lot larger than the stock charger but these don't get hot. A lot of the space is used for cooling.

When Charging your unit, make sure the cables are not tied together as electricity going through a copper coil will create heat.