10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Kids Electric Scooter

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Kids Electric Scooter

If you want your kid to be more active or spend more time outdoors, one great way to keep their bodies moving is getting them an electric scooter for kids. They can ride it in your yard or around your neighbourhood if it’s allowed in your city.

But before you buy an electric scooter for kids, you must consider these 10 factors to keep your children comfortable and safe while riding. 


1. Look for an E-scooter Designed for Kids

There are different kinds of electric scooters. You can’t buy a typical entry-level scooter for a child since its size is too big for them. So, you must buy an electric scooter for kids, one that’s specifically designed for them.

Electric scooters for kids are often smaller in height, length, and width than normal adult scooters. It also uses a smaller motor and battery, resulting in a lighter overall weight.

On average, it uses a 150 W motor and a 100 Wh battery. For the weight, it ranges from 9 kg to 12 kg. The Razor Power Core E100 would be a great example, as it provides the perfect size and right amount of power and speed for children ages 8 and up.

Also, before buying, consider getting training wheels for your child to help them develop their balance and prevent accidents as they practise riding.


2. Check the Top Speed

The average commuter e-scooter speed is 16 to 30 kph, but an electric scooter for kids should have a lower speed for their safety. Most kids e-scooter have a top speed ranging from 9 kph to 16 kph. Choose the top speed suitable to the age of your child.

Before buying a kids electric scooter, make sure to check your state’s electric scooter laws to see if they have speed limits for children’s e-scooters.

Besides the speed, consider the range of your e-scooter, too. Although these types of e-scooters typically have a short range, it’s best to consider range if they’ll use an e-scooter around the neighbourhood (if it’s allowed).


3. Look for and Test the Safety Features

The best kids electric scooter is the one that offers the most and the best safety features for the child.

When you go to a store or browse online, check for the e-scooter’s braking system. It’s the most important safety feature in an e-scooter since it helps you prevent accidents in case of near collisions.

Most kids' e-scooters come with a stomp or footbrake and a drum brake. Many models even provide a regenerative braking system to help save on battery.

Besides this, make sure the e-scooter is fitted with a front light and rear light to help them travel in dim weather or when it’s getting dark. Also, consider buying a reflector if you’ll allow them to ride at night.

Ultimately, invest in a durable and well-fitted helmet, knee guard, and elbow guard. It’s also important to teach kids how to ride an e-scooter so they know how to ride an e-scooter properly and responsibly.


4. Look at the Wheels and Tyres

The wheels and tyres affect your child’s riding experience. Having larger wheels results in smoother rides, while smaller wheels make it easier for children to manoeuvre. On the other hand, using air-filled or pneumatic tyres helps cushion your child’s rides, while a solid tyre will prevent flat tyres.

One way to know what wheel size and tyre type to get is by looking at the terrain. Where will your kid ride the e-scooter? If the area has smooth terrain, a small, air-filled tyre will do. On the other hand, riding on rough, uneven terrain may require you to buy an e-scooter with larger wheels and solid tyres for better clearance and prevent flat tyres.


5. Consider Durability

An electric scooter for kids should be durable enough to last long and carry the rider’s weight easily. For one, check if the e-scooter uses durable materials like aluminium for the stem or main body of the scooter.

It’s normal to have some parts in plastic. However, ensure that the stem and frame are at least made from aluminium for durability and stability.

Besides this, consider the weight capacity of the e-scooter. Most electric scooters for kids have a maximum load of 55 kg. If the rider weighs more than that, look for one with a higher weight capacity to prevent overloading the e-scooter.


6. Pick a Suitable Handlebar

The steering handles usually come in two options: adjustable and fixed.

Adjustable steering handles can be modified according to your child’s height, resulting in a more stable and comfortable riding position. On the other hand, fixed steering handles can’t be adjusted. It’s best for taller children or pre-teens.

The length and shape of the handlebars may also impact your child’s ride quality. It’s best to see the e-scooter up close and take it for a test ride to see if your kid is comfortable with the handlebars.


7. Consider the Battery Life

Most electric scooters for kids have a small battery, resulting in short ranges. The average battery life for a kids e-scooter typically lasts around an hour. However, consider this if you or your child prefers a longer range. 

Look for a battery with a bigger battery capacity. But note that a bigger battery means a heavier e-scooter. You should also consider how long the battery charges. Ideally, get a kids e-scooter with a good battery capacity but a shorter charging time.


8. See if It Should Be Assembled

When you buy an electric scooter for kids online or at physical stores, some are already assembled, while some are not. For your convenience, it would be best to get one that’s pre-assembled. 

If you order online, you may ask the retailer or e-scooter brand if it comes assembled or not. Meanwhile, you can have it assembled if you buy it in a shop.

However, if you want to let your kid assemble the e-scooter himself (with your help and guidance), assembling it would be a fun activity for them.


9. Ask for the Warranty

The best kids electric scooter comes with a warranty coverage. Before buying, ensure that the brand or retailer offers warranty coverage for the e-scooter. Most brands offer a one-year warranty.

The longer the warranty, the better since it signifies the brand’s confidence in the durability of their product. Also, ask where you can have the e-scooter repaired in case it breaks or has a malfunction.

If you need help repairing or maintaining your e-scooter, Scooteroo offers repair and maintenance services for all e-scooter models and brands. You may book our service online. We cater to riders across Australia!


10. Compare the Price

Lastly, have a list of options and compare their prices. When you buy a kids electric scooter in Australia, the price ranges from $100 to $1,000, depending on the specs and brand.

If you’re on a budget, this will be important to consider. However, remember not to solely look at price. After all, cheap doesn’t always equate to good quality.

To get the best value for your e-scooter, see if you get decent specs, features, and durability for the price tag. Compare it with other brands and models, and see which one offers the better value for your money.


Guide and Monitor Your Kids for a Safe and Fun E-scooter Experience

We hope this list of considerations will help you decide what e-scooter to buy for your kids.

After buying an e-scooter, ensure your child’s safety by teaching them how to ride properly and responsibly. Also, always keep an eye on your child, even if they’re riding on private property.

If you don’t know where to buy a kids electric scooter in Australia, Scooteroo offers a selection of kids e-scooters, kids e-rides, kids ride ons, and hoverboards.
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