4 Important Electric Scooter Maintenance Checks After Each Trip

4 Important Electric Scooter Maintenance Checks After Each Trip

When you ride an e-scooter, it’s important to check its components to keep you safe on the road. It’s also a great way to maintain your ride and avoid electric scooter repairs.

We already shared electric scooter maintenance checks to do before riding an e-scooter. This time, we’re sharing tips and insights on electric scooter maintenance checks to do AFTER each trip.

Note that these are not mandatory, but they’ll definitely help you better care for your e-scooter.

Whether you own or rent an e-scooter, here are electric scooter maintenance checks you should do to maintain your ride after travelling.


1. Inspect Your E-scooter’s Frame and Body

Your e-scooter just went through various environments and weather conditions, exposing it to different terrain, dirt, and debris. So, it’s necessary to inspect your e-scooter before storing it to ensure it doesn’t incur any damage.

Look for dents, scratches, dirt, or damage to your e-scooter’s frame, main body, and components. It’s also recommended to look under the deck to see if any dirt or debris got on it.

If you see it’s quite dirty, make sure to clean it before storing it. It’ll prevent moisture from settling on your e-scooter and corroding its parts. If everything looks good, check the next step below.


2. Check Your Tyre’s Condition

The tyres are one of the most crucial parts of an e-scooter since they’re the ones that keep you moving. It’s also one of the parts most prone to damage since it’s the one in contact with the road.

So, whether you travelled on a smooth or uneven path during your trip, take time to inspect your tyres before storing your e-scooter.

Check for debris, dirt, punctures, or damage to the tyres. If your e-scooter uses pneumatic or air-filled tyres, check if there are any holes or punctures on the tyres.

Meanwhile, solid tyres may be tough, but they can still be damaged, especially if you often ride through rough terrain. Check if the solid tyres are still in shape and have not chipped or cracked.

If you see any damage to your e-scooter tyres, it’s best to replace them immediately or before your next trip.


3. Test Your Brakes

If you used your brakes a lot during your trip, it’s a good idea to inspect and test it again. This is another important part of the e-scooter, as it keeps you safe during your trip.

When inspecting your brakes, check if there are any dirt, debris, or particles stuck on the brakes. If you’re using disc brakes, see if the disc brake pads are already thin and need replacing.

If you felt anything off about the brakes while using them during your trip, it’s also best to inspect them after your ride. Ultimately, see if your brakes still have a strong and responsive stopping power.


4. See Your E-scooter’s Battery Level

Lastly, always check your battery level after every trip. Is your e-scooter battery level about to be depleted? If it is, it’s a sign to charge it before storing it.

Proper electric scooter battery maintenance will help you prolong your ride’s battery life. Before storing, ensure that your battery has a charge between 30% and 80% to prevent it from depleting and maintaining the battery’s health. You can always charge it before travelling to ensure you have enough energy for your trip.

Also, when storing, ensure that your e-scooter is in a cool, dry place. Ultimately, don’t store it in a space with extremely hot or cold temperatures to prevent damaging your battery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Electric Scooter Require Maintenance?

Yes. Electric scooters still require maintenance. However, it has fewer parts than a car or motorcycle, making it easier to maintain and less likely to break down.

How Much Is the Electric Scooter Maintenance Cost?

Since there are fewer parts in e-scooters, maintenance costs are lower. Generally, you should allot around $200 yearly for electric scooter maintenance costs. Most of these costs will be replacing tyres or the battery.


Seek Professional Help

If you encounter issues or damages with your e-scooter that you can’t fix, it’s highly recommended that you seek a professional’s help.

Taking your e-scooter to a technician for electric scooter repair will help you identify further problems, know the best solution to the issue, and have it repaired, knowing it’s in good hands.

If you live in Western Australia, Scooteroo offers e-ride and e-scooter maintenance and repair services, adjusting brakes and gears, inflating tyres to the correct tyre pressure, and more.

Check out Scooteroo’s service packages, and see which one will help your needs.

But you might be thinking, “What If there’s no electric scooter repair near me?” Don’t worry because Scooteroo accepts electric scooter maintenance and repairs across Australia.

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