8 Must-Know Electric Scooter Maintenance Checks Before Riding Your E-scooter

8 Must-Know Electric Scooter Maintenance Checks Before Riding Your E-scooter

Electric scooter maintenance starts before even riding your e-scooter. Checking your e-scooter before riding ensures your safety while riding and helps you lower your electric scooter maintenance cost since you can spot issues immediately.

Whether you own or rent an e-scooter, this electric scooter maintenance guide will list the eight important pre-ride checks you need to do before travelling on your e-scooter. Follow the checklist below!


1. Check The E-scooter Tyre Pressure

Tyres of the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro

The tyres are one of the most important parts of your e-scooters. If you get a flat tyre, you can’t go anywhere! That’s why electric scooter maintenance and care for tyres begin with checking the tyre pressure before riding.

If you use pneumatic or air-filled tyres, you should always check the tyre pressure or the amount of air inside the tyres. Maintaining the right tyre pressure reduces the risk of having a flat tyre and improves your speed, braking, and handling.

You need a tyre gauge to check the tyre pressure and an air pump in case you need to adjust the air pressure. If you don’t ride often, make sure to check the tyre pressure before riding. But if you ride often, you can check it once a week, every two weeks, when going on long rides, or when carrying heavy loads.

The recommended average tyre pressure for e-scooters is around 50 PSI. However, this number always varies depending on the tyre size, tyre width, rider weight, and riding conditions.

So, to be sure, always look at your e-scooter’s manual or the tyre pressure printed on the side of the tyre for the correct air pressure.


2. See if the Wheels and Handlebars Steer Well

The handlebars connect you to the wheels and allow you to move freely. It’s also the part you interact with the most since it includes the controls for the accelerator, brakes, power button, and other features.

Since it’s the cockpit, you should do a quick test beforehand to ensure the handlebars are working well along with the wheels. A good handlebar has a good grip and makes it easy for you to steer the e-scooter.

Meanwhile, the wheels should steer in tandem with the handlebars. When inspecting the wheels, also check if anything is blocking the wheels. Look for dirt, debris, and particles that may get stuck in the wheels and prevent it from turning smoothly.

Overall, the handlebar and wheels should respond to your steers simultaneously.


3. Test the E-scooter Brakes

The electric scooter brakes are another crucial part of your ride since they’ll keep you safe on the road. When checking the brakes, see if any obstruction, dirt, or particles on the brakes could damage or prevent it from responding properly.

Also, do a quick ride in your yard and test the brakes immediately. If you don’t have the space, test the brakes immediately once you start riding.

Specifically, check if the brakes respond as soon as you activate them and if it has a strong braking force. If you feel anything wrong with your brakes, follow your gut feeling, and don’t ride your e-scooter.

Bring it to a mechanic immediately to check for faults and have it fixed.


4. Test the Bell, Lights, and Indicators

Front lights of the EleKtro City

Other safety features you must test include your e-scooter’s bell, lights, and indicators. Remember that most e-scooter laws in Australia require you to have functioning safety lights, indicators, and a warning device fitted in your e-scooter.

So, before travelling, turn them on and off to see if they’re working properly. Having bright and functioning lights is especially important when riding at night, so don’t skip this part.

Keep in mind that these are important parts to help pedestrians and other riders and vehicles notice you when riding during the day and night. Ultimately, these parts will help prevent accidents on the road.


5. Check and Charge the E-scooter Battery

Before travelling, always check if your e-scooter battery has enough charge to last you the whole trip.

Basic electric scooter battery maintenance doesn’t require charging your e-scooter after every ride. But you must ensure it has a charge between 30% to 80% before storing.

If the battery level isn’t enough for your trip, make sure to charge it first before leaving. Ideally, charge it to 100% if you’re travelling long distances.


6. Ensure that the Folding Mechanism Is Locked

Folding mechanism of the VSETT 9

When preparing your e-scooter, ensure that the folding mechanism is locked into place securely. If the stem isn’t locked properly, it could unlock while riding, put you out of balance, and cause an accident on the road. 

When checking, try to steer the handlebar and slightly shake the stem to check if the stem feels solid. If it feels wobbly, try to unlock and lock the stem again. Also, check if anything is blocking the folding mechanism or if there are any loose nuts or bolts in the mechanism.


7. Look for Any Loose Bolts, Nuts, and Fasteners

Speaking of loose parts, take the time to check for any loose bolts, nuts, and fasteners. If one screw seems like it’s not fastened properly, you may tighten it using a screwdriver, spanner, or wrench.

Checking every screw or component in your e-scooter may be time-consuming, so you may only look at the screws around the folding mechanism, wheels, and deck (if any). However, if you want to be sure, feel free to scan every nut and bolt in your e-scooter.


8. Inspect for Any Visible Damage

Finally, scan for any visible damage on your e-scooter. Does the deck have a dent or scratch? Is the rear fender broken or chipped off? Is your tyre punctured?

The maintenance of an electric scooter may be easier than cars and motorcycles, but remember that it can still break or become damaged if you don’t take care of it.

At any signs of visible damage, it’s best to bring your e-scooter to a mechanic and let professionals handle your ride. 


Look for an Electric Scooter Maintenance Shop Near You

Pre-ride checks help you be safe on the road and catch any issues in your e-scooter. If there’s any e-scooter issue you’re unsure how to fix, always seek help from a professional technician.

Don’t worry, as the maintenance cost of an electric scooter is significantly cheaper than a car or motorcycle. However, note that the cost depends on the extent of the e-scooter’s issue.

But what if there’s no electric scooter maintenance near me?

If you don’t know any e-scooter repair shop nearby, Scooteroo accepts repair and maintenance services for e-scooters across Western Australia and the country.

Simply book a service and repair appointment and bring your e-scooter during your schedule. Our shops are located at:

    • Osborne Park: 3/488 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough, Osborne Park, WA, 6017
  • Victoria Park: Shop 2 Vic Quarter, 660 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA 6100
  • We operate Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 5 PM.

    Need more maintenance guides? Check out our electric scooter maintenance checklist for beginners.

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