Electric Scooter Showdown: Bolzzen Commando 4822D vs. EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro vs. Mearth GTS MAX EVO

Electric Scooter Showdown: Bolzzen Commando 4822D vs. EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro vs. Mearth GTS MAX  EVO

High-performance electric scooters allow riders to take on all city and off-road terrains, making them a durable choice for commuters. But, among the performance e-scooters in the market, which one should you choose?


This review will compare three high-performance e-scooters that fit the category: the Bolzzen Commando 4822D, EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro, and Mearth GTS MAX EVO.

The Bolzzen and Mearth electric scooters have been in the market for a few years, already gaining huge popularity among riders. Meanwhile, the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro is a newcomer but doesn’t lag behind the competition.

Check out our review below and see which high-performance e-scooter fits your needs in this electric scooter showdown.

Quick Specs Comparison

Bolzzen Commando 4822D

EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro



Aerospace-grade Material

Aluminium Alloy 6061

Aerospace-grade Material


27.5 kg

34 kg



Unfolded: 1198 x 548 x 1888 mm

Folded: 1148 x 157 x 378 mm

Unfolded: 1310 x 635 x 1215 mm

Folded: 1310 x 225 x 530 mm

Unfolded: 1210 x 590 x 1280 mm


2 x 800 W

2 x 1200 W

2 x 1200 W


48V 22Ah

60V 24Ah

52V 20.4Ah

Charging Time

Up to 12 hours

8 to 10 hours

Up to 6 hours

Top Speed

Up to 60 kph (Restricted to 25 kph)

Up to 70 kph (Restricted to 25 kph)

Up to 70 kph (Restricted to 25 kph)

Max Range

Up to 70 km

Up to 90 km

Up to 100 km






Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes

Front & Rear Full Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Mechanical Disc brakes + ABS electric brakes


Next-Gen PU Type-C Suspension

Dual Swingarm Suspension

Front & Rear Suspension

Folding Mechanism

Easy-fold Mechanism

One-Clamp Folding Mechanism

Easy-fold Mechanism









Customer Service





How does each electric scooter compare based on style and design?

Overall Look

Regarding style and looks, all e-scooters sport the rugged, motorcycle-like style you see in most off-road and high-performance electric scooters. However, each model has distinct differences.

The Bolzzen Commando 4822D sports a black frame and body with yellow accents on the base and part connecting the deck and wheel.

Meanwhile, the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro includes a black frame and deck featuring a lighting system across the side of the stem and deck, a rare feature in many high-performance e-scooters. Plus, you can control this lighting system via an app, making it the only one in the market.

Lastly, the Mearth GTS MAX EVO also features a black frame with a skeletal stem design and an edgy lighting system design at the sides of the deck.

We recommend the Bolzzen Commando 4822D and Mearth GTS MAX EVO if you want a more rough design. Meanwhile, get the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro if you want a cleaner aesthetic with fancy lights on the deck and stem.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is an important part of the design since it makes the e-scooter compact and portable. All three electric scooters provide an easy-fold mechanism, meaning you can fold and unfold it in a few steps.

However, upon closer inspection, the Bolzzen Commando Class 4822D has a different folding design where the folding point is from the deck. As a result, the whole stem and front wheel fold up. So, when parking this e-scooter, your deck tilts down since the front wheel is folded upwards.


Meanwhile, the Mearth GTS MAX EVO and EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro fold from the lower part of the stem, giving it a more stable base and fold.

Weight and Dimensions

The Bolzzen Commando electric scooter is surprisingly smaller and lighter than the Mearth GTS MAX EVO and EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro, making it the most portable among the three. Weighing 27.5 kg and having a folded dimension of 1148 x 157 x 378 mm, the Commando 4822D is easier to store in smaller spaces.

Meanwhile, the Ultra 10 Pro features a weight of 34 kg, an unfolded dimension of 1310 x 635 x 1215 mm, and a folded dimension of 1310 x 225 x 530 mm. It has average size and weight, making it still portable for some riders.

On the other hand, the GTS MAX EVO has a weight of 41 kg and an unfolded dimension of 1210 x 590 x 1280 mm. Although it leans towards the heavier and bulky side, this e-scooter still fits in most spaces, especially when folded.


Motor and Battery

All three e-scooters have dual engines, but the Commando 4822D has a smaller motor with only a 2 x 800 W. Meanwhile, the other two e-scooters use a 2 x 1200 W motor.

When it comes to battery, the Ultra 10 Pro has higher battery power and capacity since it has 60V 24Ah.

Lastly, the GTS MAX EVO has the shortest charging time, allowing you to have a full charge within 6 hours. However, note that it has a battery capacity of 52V 20.5Ah.

All of these factors come into play when riding these e-scooters. For example, since the Ultra 10 Pro and GTS MAX EVO have bigger engines, you can feel their quick acceleration and ease of driving on rough terrain.

Top Speed

Due to Australian electric scooter laws, each e-scooter has a restricted speed of 25 kph. However, you can override the settings while riding on private property.

If you’re looking for speed, the Mearth and EleKtro electric scooters can reach up to 70 kph. Meanwhile, the Commando doesn’t fall behind as it can reach a top speed of 60 kph. Regarding acceleration, the Mearth and EleKtro e-scooters have slightly better acceleration, given their large motors.

Again, remember that the law only permits you to ride over 25 kph on private property. So, don’t speed through traffic, and always be safe on the road.

Max Range

If you need to go long distances for every charge, the Mearth GTS electric scooter can go up to 100 km. Meanwhile, the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro isn’t far behind, with a range of up to 90 km.

The Bolzzen Commando 4822D can go up to 70 km, which is still impressive and up to standard for its class.

Also, note that range is subjective, depending on several factors like speed, weight, and terrain.


Gradeability refers to the maximum angle or steepness your e-scooter can handle when going up or down inclines.

According to the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro and Mearth GTS specs, both have a hill grade of 30°, which is standard for their class. On the road, you can feel their motor working hard as it glides through most inclines smoothly.

Unfortunately, there’s no information available regarding the Bolzzen Commando 4822D’s gradeability. However, given its motor power and ability to easily ride through most inclines, this e-scooter can likely have the same maximum hill grade.


All three e-scooters use disc brakes. It's the safest type of brake due to its responsive stopping power. However, they differ in the types of disc brakes they use.

The Bolzzen and EleKtro electric scooters use front and rear hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes are high-end, resulting in better performance.

Meanwhile, the Mearth electric scooter uses front and rear mechanical disc brakes. These types of brakes are cheaper, but they still offer responsive and powerful braking when used. The Mearth GTS MAX EVO also includes an anti-lock brake, rear foot brake, and double hand grip brake for maximum safety.

When it comes to safety lights, all units come with bright front and back lights.

Comfort and Convenience

A major part of an e-scooter’s stability and comfort while riding lies on its suspension. Each scooter uses a different suspension resulting in different comfort levels.

The Bolzzen Commando Class 4822D uses a next-gen PU (polyurethane) Type-C suspension. Since it’s a plastic material, it tends to wear out quicker and isn’t suitable for high-impact and high-load riding. So, riding the 4822D on extremely uneven and rough terrain can make your ride unstable and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it does a good job of reducing rattling in most terrains.

Meanwhile, the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro uses a dual swingarm suspension that helps reduce bumpiness and rattling. It also helps keep you stable while riding through uneven paths.

Finally, the Mearth GTS MAX EVO includes a new and improved 2 x 1000 lb spring suspension, resulting in better support and navigation on most terrains.

Also, the Mearth GTS scooter is the only one to offer a seat option among the three. For an additional fee, you can comfortably ride the e-scooter sitting down.

Price and Value

The Mearth GTS MAX EVO and EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro lean towards the expensive side. However, it’s still a competitive price point for its class. Moreover, you get what you pay for given their power, performance, and reliability. 

Meanwhile, the Bolzzen Commando 4822D is slightly more affordable than the others. You’ll also get what you pay for, as this model has less power, speed, and range.

Depending on how you ride and care for your e-scooter, you’ll have little to no problems with these units and will need fewer repairs. All three are durable, high-performance e-scooters that are worth the investment.

Brand Support

All brands have responsive customer support, and you can mostly reach them via email or on their official website.


Also, Bolzzen offers a 12-month warranty for the motor, accelerator module, controller module, charger, battery, and frame. Similarly, EleKtro offers a 12-month limited warranty. Meanwhile, Mearth provides a two-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for the motor, main body, controller, and battery.

Which High-Performance Electric Scooter Should You Choose?

Overall, each electric scooter offers specs and performance that’s up to par with their class. However, the best e-scooter should depend on what you need.

If you need a more affordable and portable high-performance e-scooter, we recommend the Bolzzen Commando 4822D.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a well-balanced high-performance e-scooter with a unique style and reasonable price, choose the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro.

Finally, get the Mearth GTS MAX EVO if you want a highly powerful and durable ride that’s worth your money.

Hopefully, this Bolzzen Commando, EleKtro Ultra, and Mearth GTS electric scooter review helped you compare each ride. Overall, consider your needs carefully, and compare the factors above to help you find the perfect ride for you.

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