Save Up to $400 at the Scooteroo New Financial Year Bargain Sale!

Save Up to $400 at the Scooteroo New Financial Year Bargain Sale!

Start the new financial year with a bang!

Scooteroo is dropping prices to some of the best electric scooters in Australia, allowing you to save up to $400! Get the EleKtro City and EleKtro Ultra 8 at $100 off using the promo code EC100OFF and U8100OFF, respectively.

Meanwhile, get $300 off the VSETT 9 when you use the promo code V9300OFF upon checkout.

We’re also putting the MiniWalker MW10DDM on sale, dropping $400 off its original price using the code MW400OFF.

Lastly, the high-performance e-scooter NAVEE S65 is currently on sale for $400 off its price. From $1,699, get it for only $1,299!

This electric scooter sale runs until July 24, so don’t miss this exclusive price drop!

Meanwhile, learn more about the specs, performance, and features of the electric scooters for sale below. More importantly, are they worth buying? Check out our quick overview below.

EleKtro City

The EleKtro City offers a lightweight but durable entry-level electric scooter, perfect for city riding.

EleKtro City Performance

This portable electric scooter uses a single 400 W motor and 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery, which is higher than many entry-level e-scooters. As a result, it can produce a top speed of 30 kph (limited to 25 kph as per electric scooter law in Australia) and a max range of 40 km on a single charge.

EleKtro City Main Features

Besides its motor, the EleKtro City electric scooter takes pride in its best-in-class build quality. Despite weighing 13 kg, it can carry a max load of 100 kg and has an IP54 rating. Plus, it includes app connectivity via Bluetooth, a smart LCD screen, and removable grips for extra space-saving.

EleKtro City Value for Money

The EleKtro City costs $899, and with the specs, performance, and features you get, it’s considered a steal! But you can get $100 less during the Scooteroo New Financial Year Bargain Sale using the code EC100OFF upon checkout.

Want to learn more about this e-scooter? Here’s our full EleKtro City review.

EleKtro Ultra 8

The EleKtro Ultra 8 electric scooter offers a compact but sporty ride you can take on city roads and off-road paths.

EleKtro Ultra 8 Performance

This commuter electric scooter features a single 600 W motor and a 48 V 15.6 Ah battery that delivers up to 50 kph and up to 55 km. Note that the default speed is limited to 25 kph to comply with Australian e-scooter laws. Scooteroo only recommends overriding the top speed when riding on private property and in a safe environment.

EleKtro Ultra 8 Main Features

The EleKtro Ultra 8 features an NFC security lock to prevent others from accessing your e-scooter. It also includes dual swingarm suspensions to absorb shocks and bumps on the road and cushion your rides.

Regarding practicality, it has an adjustable stem to help you find a stable and comfortable riding position. The handlebars also fold down to help you reduce the e-scooter’s size, especially when folded.

Finally, the EleKtro Ultra 8 showcases an all-around deck lighting system, adding style and distinction to this e-scooter. The bright lights also make riders more visible when riding at night.

EleKtro Ultra 8 Value for Money

The EleKtro Ultra 8 has a retail price of $1,499. Although it’s slightly more costly than other commuter e-scooters, you get what you pay for since it has various features for safety, convenience, and performance. Get the EleKtro Ultra 8 for only $1,399 when you use the promo code U8100OFF upon checkout in Scooteroo’s online shop.

Read our full EleKtro Ultra 8 review to learn more about this e-scooter.


The VSETT 9 electric scooter offers a powerful ride that can take on long ranges in the city and off-road.

VSETT 9 Performance

The VSETT 9 uses a high-powered 650 W motor, enabling it to reach a top speed of 40-45 kph and a hill climb of 18°. It also uses a 52 V 17.5 Ah battery that delivers up to 80 km of range per charge. It offers one of the longest ranges on this list, making it ideal for long trips and daily commutes.

VSETT 9 Main Features

Besides its powerful motor and battery, the VSETT 9 features a slim handlebar design with an NFC lock, an electric anti-lock brake system, an IP54 rating, a front spring and rear hydraulic suspension. These features cater to the rider’s safety on and off the road.

VSETT 9 Value for Money

The VSETT 9 has a retail price of $2,389. However, you can get this electric scooter for sale in Australia for $300 off by using the promo code V9300OFF when you check out at the online Scooteroo shop.

For more information about this ride, read our full VSETT 9 electric scooter review.

MiniWalker MW10DDM

The MiniWalker MW10DDM electric scooter provides a high-performance and long-range ride for city and off-road riding.

MiniWalker MW10DDM Performance

This off-road electric scooter uses a whopping dual 1000 W brushless motors, enabling it to produce a max speed of 65 kph on private property and 25 kph on public roads as per Australian law. Meanwhile, it uses a 52 V 18.2 Ah battery to produce a max range of 60 to 70 km.

MiniWalker MW10DDM Main Features

Aside from its motor and battery, the MiniWalker MW10DDM includes 10-inch pneumatic tyres, EABS, front and rear brakes, front and rear suspension, and lights in the front, rear, and brake. Overall, it's a feature-packed ride, given its capabilities.

MiniWalker MW10DDM Value for Money

The MiniWalker costs $2,299, but you can get $400 off when you use the promo code MW400OFF during the Scooteroo New Financial Year Bargain Sale until July 24. It may be expensive for some, but you already get a powerful and long-range ride for this price. Use the promo code today for big savings!

Learn more about this e-scooter in our full MiniWalker MW10DDM review.


The NAVEE S65 electric scooter provides enough power and suspension, making it an ideal off-road and city ride.

NAVEE S65 Performance

Regarding performance, this e-scooter uses a 500 W gear motor that has a peak power of 1000 W. As a result, it delivers a top speed of 32 kph (capped at 25 kph to comply with e-scooter laws) and a 25% hill grade. Meanwhile, its battery produces a 65 km max range per charge. 

NAVEE S65 Main Features

Key features of the NAVEE S65 include its dual suspension system that efficiently reduces shocks and bumps while riding. It also uses 10-inch tubeless tyres, a multifunctional LED dashboard, smart app connectivity, an IPX5 body, and an efficient battery management system (BMS).

NAVEE S65 Value for Money

The NAVEE S65’s regular price is $1,699, but this off-road electric scooter for sale in Australia currently costs $1,299 only at Scooteroo. Save $400 when you get it until July 24. At this price, you get a powerful motor, dual suspensions, high-performance specs, app connectivity, a BMS, and a durable body for city and off-road riding.

Don’t Miss This Exclusive Electric Scooter Sale!

Again, this exclusive price drop only lasts until July 24! Take advantage of these huge markdowns and start your financial year with big savings and a new commuter e-scooter for work, school, or leisure.

If you’re looking for a specific e-scooter model, browse the Scoteroo online shop to see our wide variety of selections. You may also contact us for recommendations, or drop by our showrooms in Victoria Park, Osborne Park, and Midland.

Meanwhile, for e-scooter maintenance and repairs, book a service with us online.

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