MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Review: An In-Depth Look

MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Review: An In-Depth Look

Some riders prefer off-road electric scooters due to their durable build, longer range, and better overall performance. Among the off-road e-scooters in the market, the MiniWalker MW10DDM is one of the popular choices among riders.

The MiniWalker MW10DDM is a compact but powerful off-road e-scooter designed for long ranges and comfortable riding experiences, even on rough terrains. However, is it worth getting this MiniWalker e-scooter?

This MiniWalker electric scooter review dives deep into the different specs and features of the MW10DDM and provides insights to help you see if this e-scooter suits your riding needs.


A Closer Look at MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter

The MW10DDM sports a black exterior with eye-catching red accents on its folding mechanisms, near the wheels, and on its deck. It also includes a large MiniWalker logo across the deck. Compared to other off-road e-scooters, it looks less bulky, giving it a more minimalist look.

Regarding its build quality, this MiniWalker scooter uses an aluminium alloy frame. It’s a common material used in e-scooters due to its lightweight but durable properties. Given this build, it can carry up to 120 kg. Overall, the MW10DDM feels pretty solid to the touch and well-built, especially when riding it.


How Well Does the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Perform?

This MiniWalker scooter boasts a dual 1,000 W motor that produces up to 65 kph and a max range of 60 km to 70 km. Although other high-performance e-scooters offer more power and performance, the MiniWalker MW10DDM provides enough speed and range for those looking for a faster or longer-lasting ride.

When it comes to speed, the MiniWalker MW10DDM has a default speed of 25 kph in compliance with the electric scooter law in Australia. Moreover, riders can control their speed by switching to eco and turbo mode or single and dual motors.

Overall, these specs provide riders with a high-speed, stable, and powerful ride for off-road terrains on private property.


Is the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Comfortable and Easy to Ride?

Since the MW10DDM is meant for off-road riding, it provides the best possible riding experience. For one, its 10-inch pneumatic rubber tyres feature a distinct tread pattern that helps you handle the e-scooter stably and precisely.

Besides this, it uses hydraulic shock absorption to give smooth rides, even on rough terrain. This feature also enables you to travel easily on steep slopes. Plus, its anti-slip matte deck keeps your feet firmly on the e-scooter, especially on bumpy trips.

Finally, the MW10DDM includes a customisable pole length to help you adjust to a more comfortable and stable riding position. It’s an ideal feature for taller riders who need a longer e-scooter stem to grip the handlebars properly.

Overall, the MiniWalker MW10DDM allows easy handling and provides excellent grip and stability when riding on different terrains. Plus, it includes practical features to make your riding position more comfortable.


How Safe is the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter?

This MiniWalker e-scooter includes all the safety components you need for travelling off-road.

The e-scooter features front and rear brakes and includes an EABS or regenerative anti-lock braking system. The EABS prevents the tyres from locking up and allows you to steer to safety in case of emergency braking.

For safety lights, this MiniWalker scooter uses a bright front light located at the deck. Although it’s located at a lower part of the e-scooter than most e-scooter models, this front light illuminates the path well enough to see clearly at night.

Besides this, the e-scooter includes a rear light, brake light, LED lights, and a bell.


How Long Does the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Last?

Given its powerful dual motors, this MiniWalker e-scooter uses a large battery capacity of 52V 18.2Ah.

The battery allows the e-scooter to travel from 60 km to 70 km. However, your actual range depends on many factors, including your max load, speed, road condition, etc.

Regarding charging time, a one-piece standard 2A charger can power up the e-scooter to full capacity from 8 to 12 hours, which is normal for off-road e-scooters. Meanwhile, a two-piece charger can charge the e-scooter for as fast as around 4 hours.


How Easy Is It to Carry and Store the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter?

Given its compact dimensions and foldable design, you can consider the MiniWalker MW10DDM as portable.

This MiniWalker scooter sports dimensions of 1280 (L) x 680 (W) x 1225 (H) mm, which is the average size for off-road e-scooters. Despite it being less bulky, it’s still quite large.

Fortunately, it has a one-step, ergonomic folding mechanism that makes it easy to fold and unfold the top half of the e-scooter, from the handlebars to the base of the stem. The folding mechanism is also mounted on a stable base, keeping the entire e-scooter sturdy when folded and while riding. Then, the folded stem is locked into place at the rear fender. 

However, its 34 kg weight may be too heavy for some people to lift, especially since most commuter electric scooters weigh from 12 kg to 25 kg. Although manageable, it can be a challenge for others to carry.

Nonetheless, the MiniWalker MW10DDM can be carried around and stored in smaller spaces despite being an off-road e-scooter.


Is the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Worth the Investment?

As of writing, the MiniWalker MW10DDM sells for $2,299 on Scooteroo, which is the normal price range for off-road e-scooters in the market. 

Given the e-scooter’s high-end specs, powerful performance, practical features, and solid build, it’s a fair price for the quality and durability you’ll get. Since it’s built for off-roading, expect it to last longer despite using it on slopes, rocky paths, and uneven terrains.

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How Does the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter Compare to Similar Models in the Market?

The MiniWalker MW10DDM has the same price as the Bolzzen Commando 4818 and the VSETT 8+ (48V/16Ah). However, the MW10DDM offers a higher motor power and battery capacity compared to these models, resulting in better speed and range.

However, the Bolzzen Commando 4818 and VSETT 8+ are noticeably more portable as it’s lighter and has slightly smaller dimensions compared to the MW10DDM.

How Do You Maintain and Repair the MiniWalker MW10DDM Electric Scooter?

The MW10DDM features a tough build designed for rough roads, so riders can be sure that the e-scooter can withstand harsh conditions and extreme riding. However, riders must still care for this e-scooter and avoid reckless riding to keep it in top condition.

If you need help maintaining or repairing your MiniWalker MW10DDM, you may book a service or repair on our website.

Should You Buy this MiniWalker Electric Scooter?

The MiniWalker MW10DDM is one of the top e-scooters to watch out for, given its high-end specs, practical features, powerful performance, and value for money.

If you’re looking for a high-performance ride under $2,000, then the MW10DDM offers a well-rounded ride for your off-road trips. It also provides one of the longest ranges per charge for its price and class.

Hopefully, this MiniWalker electric scooter review helped determine if the MW10DDM suits your needs and lifestyle.

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